The Fight For Furcal

FurcalWell. Jim Hendry is making his pitch to Rafael Furcal.  Apparently, the great Furcal will make his decision by Monday, at the start of the Winter meetings. Apparently the final three teams in the hunt are the Cubs, Braves, and Dodgers. According to ESPN, Atlanta has asked Furcal for a home team discount.  That sounds good for the Cubs.  If the Cubs do pick up Furcal, that will solidify the infield and the lead off hitter.  If the Cubs do get Furcal, than Todd Walker will be gone, used as trade bait for a starting pitcher or right fielder.  My good friend Tom gave me a link that has a wild sounding trade involving Todd Walker.  The trade would go like this ;

The  Cubs and the Texas Rangers are close to finalizing a seven player deal that would bring second baseman Alfonso Soriano and right fielder Kevin Mench to the Cubs in exchange for pitcher Jerome Williams, second base man Todd Walker, and three minor leaguers, possibly right hander David Aardsma and shortstop Ronnie Cedeno. 

Now that would definately be a blockbuster deal, and I for one am skeptical.  Signing Furcal and Soriano is not something Cub Fans would expect from the Cub management.  Those would be two big contracts.  If this trade does go down, then the Cubs would no longer pursue Juan Pierre, instead they would bring minor league golden boy Felix Pie up to play centerfield. 

If this trade is pulled off, I will name my next son Hendry, and I will permanatly install his picture in my Cubs memorial in my basement.  One can only hope, this is what makes these hot stove rumors so much fun.

P.S. On a side note, the Cubs signed former Cardinal John Mabry.  He can play both corners of the outfield and infield.  A re ally good pick up.  Finally, the best guy on the Cubs bench will no longer be Jose Macias!


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