The Bets Are In

The odds makers in Vegas have the Cubs beating the Marlins tonight as their lock for the day.  After a road trip that saw them go 5-4, the Cubs will be glad to be back home.  The Cubs should have gone 6-3 had they not blown that game on Saturday.  Maddux was magnificant again, carrying this team to another victory and preventing a sweep.  The team did everything they needed to do to win.  Pitch well, play defense, and a nice mix of small ball and long ball.  The Marlins should provide the Cubs with a nice opportunity to string some wins together.  Some other interesting notes;

-After the Cubs win in St. Louis, Walker was talking about the small ball that the Cubs played, Walker had this smart *** remark "From what I understand the last three years, that’s what people wanted anyways."   Maybe I am taking this the wrong way Todd, but what Cub fans have wanted is not long ball or small ball, but smart ball.  We are tired of closers who can’t close.  We are tired of having runners at second and third with no outs and not be able to score a run.  We are tired of having three pitchers in one game forget to cover first.  We are tired of a team that was not able to win without a home run.  We are tired of guys that can’t take a walk, lay down a bunt, hit behind a runner, or draw a walk.  So quit being condecending to the fans.

-If Zambrano cannot pull a win out, this will be beyond disappointing.  The Marling trimmed their payroll from 60 million to 15 million.  Twelve players in the majors make more than the whole Marlins team combined.  The Marlins are starting five rookies.  If you are a teams number one pitcher, and you are not facing Willis, then you have no excuse to lose to this team.  Period

-If Zambrano loses, than the Cubs have Marshall going up againts Dontrelle Willis.  Then you find yourself possibly losing the series.

-Welcome back Joe Girardi.  I pray that Dusty goes elsewhere and we can sign Joe.

I will be at the game Tuesday night, so I will bring my camera for pictures.  I will be at Bernie’s pregame, so stop on by and say hi,

Go Cubs!


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