Zambrano_bat It looked like the typical Cub loss.  Making a no name pitcher make your team look foolish and blow a game they should have won.  Jason Vargas, the fifth man in the Marlins rotation, was going up against the Cubs "Ace" Carlos Zambrano.  The Cubs proceeded to make Vargas, whose ERA was over 6 going into the game, look like Sandy Koufax.  Vargas gave up only one hit in 6 1/3 innings.  As ususal, Carlos Zambrano was an absolute head case, almost costing the Cubs the game.  Zambrano lost his cool in the first when he walked Dan Uggla.  After having words with the ump he fell behind to Miguel Cabrera who jacked one to left field.  Carlos gave up a walk to Cabrera in the third and got upset and lost focus.  He gave up a double to the next batter, Josh Willingham.  Then when he struck out in the third, Zambrano broke his bat over his knee.  I hope the Cubs fine him for all this bush league **** he keeps pulling.  The good thing is that Carlos settled down and ended up pitching seven innings and tying a career high with 12 strike outs.  I wish Zambrano would watch Maddux a little closer.  All these strike outs and waks caused Zambrano to throw over 110 pitches tonight.  If he want to pitch until he’s 40, he needs to learn how to let his defense do some work for him.  It looked like it was all over when the Cubs came to bat in the eighth.  Juan Pierre led of the inning against Marlins reliever Matt Herges.  Pierre with doubled to right center, giving the Cubs’ their second hit.  Ronny Cedeno then worked Herges for a walk.  It’s funny that the Cubs are last in the league in walks, but the two youngest guys on the team, Murton and Cedeno, know how to work a count. Maybe they can teach the veterans a thing or two.  Josh Johnson came in and relieved Hedges and proceeded to load the bases by walking Todd Walker.  Walker was robbed of hits three times in the game by the Pierresafe Marlins’ young defense, so I am glad he was able to draw the walk.  Then, Aramis hit a high chopper, and instead of throwing to first for the sure out, Cabrera rushed a throw to home to try and force out the speedy Pierre.  Cabreras low throw popped out of the glove of Marlins catcher Matt Treanor.  This made the game 3-1 with the bases loaded and nobody out.  Marlins’ manager Joe Girardi didn’t have anyone throwing in the bullpen.  It was Johnson’s game to win or lose.
Johnson got the first out of the inning by striking out Michael Barrett.  Than, Big Murtotie Red, Mattt Murton, who was 0-9, delivered a tying, two-run single. Jones,who was booed by the Wrigley "faithful" earlier in the game, followed with a three-run shot to left.  Look Cubs’ fans, I know that it can be frustrating at times, but unless a Cubs player says something stupid to the media (Todd Hundley, LaChoke Hawkins), then we shouldn’t be booing our own guys.


If you would have told me that the Cubs would be 11-7 to start the season without one win from Zambrano, Wood, or Prior, I would have laughed.  Let’s stop the D-Train in his tracks and get a win tomorrow.

-One note about yesterdays Cardinals game that I forgot to write about in my last post.  I am officially starting the "I hate Jim Edmonds" club.  First Jim, you cry like a little girl because you couldn’t talk a warm bubble bath at Wrigley.  Then yesterday you ask the ump to check out the ball to see if Maddux was doctoring it.  Talk about "Triple A" garbage Edmonds, you can’t hit the ball so you cry to the ump.  You are a little bit!@ and I can’t wait to heckle you when you get you whiny *** back to Wrigley.

I’ll be at the game so I hope to see some of you at Bernie’s pregame.

Go Cubs!



  1. punk4god7@yahoo.com

    you **** as a commentator. dont trash zambrano. so what if he plays with emotion. he’s 24. let him play. let him have fun. he was the best Cubs pitcher last year and is the ace this year. get off his back.

  2. Paul

    Very good arguements. Very articulate. Here is a question; How many wins does your ace have after 5 starts? Hmmmmmmm, that would be zero. Is it all his fault? No. The point I was attempting to make is that when he loses control of his emotions, it costs this team runs. This team cannot afford to be giving away runs, especially without Lee’s bat. I am a huge Zambrano supporter, but at what point do you stop using his age as an excuse for his tantrums? I need him to keep his cool, to stop making stupid faces, and get some **** wins. Once he actually wins a game, then I will get off his back. Until than, I will not give him an excuse to act like an overpaid baby when his team needs him to lead.

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