No Margin For Error

As Featherly and I sat through a cold night at Wrigley, we had a discussion on the effects of Carlos Zambrano’s anger.  Featherly felt that his anger and passion make him what he is, a great pitcher.  My counter argument was that this season, Zambrano’s temper has cost the Cubs some victories.  My point with this 2006 team, even with Lee and now even more without him, the Cubs really have no margin for error.  Especially with the rest of the NL Central on a tear.  The mantra you have heard from me since the beginning of the season is we have to keep it close until Wood/Prior/Miller are in the Cubs rotation.  The Cubs cannot afford to give away runs.  Walks, mental errors, pressing, all these things hurt the team hear or there and cost the team runs and sometimes games.  The Cubs need to play focused and near flawless baseball to get to the playoffs.   Take yesterdays performance against the Marlins. Pitching mistakes, defenisve mistakes, goofy plays.  It will cause you to lose a close game to a bad team like the Marlins, but it will get you killed against Houston, St. Louis, or even Milwaukee.  Of the seven runs Florida scored, six crossed the plate because of walks.  The Cubs are 13th in the league in walks issued.  Reliever Scott Williamson came into the came in the eight inning and issued a lead off walk.  He was then called for a balk by first base ump Bruce Froemming, already infamous in Chicago for spoiling Milt Pappas perfect game.  Williamson lost his cool, threw a wild pitch, and proceeded to walk the next two batters.  Dusty entered and pulled a double switch, having Howry come into pitch and Mabry play right and lead off the inning.  Mabry was put in because Jones looked horrible in right, flopping around like a fish out of water.  Howry came in and got Wes Helms to line one to right field, but Murton lost the ball in the sun, allowing to runs to score.  Mistake after mistake.  Angel Guzman looked good for his first outing, Murton had another clutch hit, and Ramirez jacked one.  The Cubs just got to get their heads on straight, especially Zambrano.  We need this team to keep their cool and try to string together more W’s.

Other notes;

-Question for all you Cubs fans that yelled at me for suggesting that the Cubs should trade Prior for Tejada and Eric Bedard.  Bedard is 4-1 and Tejada has the highest batting average in baseball.  Still think the trade was a bad idea?

-Ricky Nolasco looked real good out on the mound yesterday. I hope this is not one we regret for years to come.

-I am going to try and find out what the Cubs record is when Pierre reaches base versus these games where he does not reach.  I think I know how those results would turn out.

The Brew Crew come to town this weekend.  With the Cubs bats looking cold, let’s play to the baseball gods for some divine intervention.

Go Cubs!


One comment

  1. dave

    Thaaaaaaaaaaaa Yankes win a night game. See a pic of Damons slide, vote for Jeter to be MVP, and even play a game or look at the photo albums…….
    Come Join The Madness….

    Big up to ‘oul Greg… What a pitcher mate

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