Woodvmarlisn It it hard to believe that things could get any worse.  It has been a long time since the Cubs were out of it before Memorial Day, but this looks like one of those seasons.  As I discussed yesterday, somehow, something , some  part of the Cubs game is always off.  Tonight, Demster blew his second game of the season.  Kerry Wood has a mediocre performance, but he left the game with the Cubs in the lead.  Michael Barrett is finally starting to find his swing again, hitting a triple and a home run. Unfortunately, MLB should be handing down punishments to Michael Barrett and Brian Anderson for Sunday’s brawl.  Experts feel that Barrett is looking at anywhere from 5 to 10 games.  That’s all the Cubs need at this point.  Murton also added a solo shot and Kerry Wood also had an RBIMuron_hrvsflor single.  The middle relief, Ohman, Williamson, Howry, and Eyre, did not give up any runs.  All Dempster had to do was close it out.  He gave up a lead off hit to Wes Helms, walked  Hanley Ramirez. Both runners advanced on a sacrifice by Dan Uggla, and Dempster intentionally walked Miguel Cabrera, who had accounted for all the Marlins runs up until this point, to load the bases.

Then came the play that looked like it would spark the Cubs to victory.  Josh Willingham bounced the ball to Todd Walker at first, who made an amazing diving stop and threw out the runner at home, with the Cubs still leading by one and now the Marlins were down to their final out. Then, Jacobs hit a single to center and two runs scored. The Marlins poured onto the field to celebrate while Dempster cursed into his arm and bolted off the field.


I don’t know if Dempster just has not had enough work, or maybe he was distracted by an over the air feud with Sox manager Ozzie Guillen, instigated by 670 the Score’s morning man and Cubs hater Mike North.  North has been getting his butt kicked in the morning rating by Mike and Mike on ESPN 1000, but he has gotten his jollies off the Cubs misery this season.  It started after Dempster’s weekly radio appearence on North’s morning show.  North asked questions about Sunday’s brawl with the White Sox and some of those comments and misquotes got back to Ozzie.  Then Ozzie fired back with some quotes of his own.  Dempster called Ozzie to clear the air, then Dempster said he will not do North’s morning show.  Then he changed his mind and said he was going to do it. 

Why?  Mike North hates the Cubs.  He is a jerk, blowhole, shock jock who doesn’t know **** about politics, yet he acts like an expert on the subject.  If Dempster wants to do a spot on radio, there are plenty of guy on the Score that are Cubs friendly, Mike Murphy, or are neutral, Boers and Bernstein.  Why even give North the time of day?  Dempster claims that North misquoted him about three things

1) The Cora biting allegation

2) That Cora should not have been on the field

3) That Guillen’s sons were on the field.

According to the Trib, "In the radio interview–which was replayed for reporters–Dempster indeed was never heard to directly say Cora bit Jones, nor that Guillen’s three sons were on the field in the middle of the fight. He did criticize Cora for being involved in the fight."

Demster whined about the situation,

"Why would it be [a problem]? I never say anything controversial, I never do anything wrong. I just go on and have fun and talk baseball and it’s turned into this. There’s always somebody out there trying to get you."

No kidding there are people out there to get you, bottom feeders like North, so why go on his show and give him that opportunity?  Dempster can’t be that naive.  Was this all worth the 150 dollars Dempster gets paid to do the show, which supposedly get donated to charity?

Get a clue Dempster.  North is an a$$hole.  Focus on finishing games, not your radio career.  Stop doing his show or you will look like the idiot for this mess, not that ***** North.


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  1. rustarow@yahoo.com

    Iam frustrated the way we have been playing of late.
    Beying shutout 7 times aint good.

    The hitting must improve.

    Carlos Zambrano and sean Marshall pitch deep into games the rest of the starters must.

    I think **** Pole should be assistant pitching coach.

    Sonny Jackson must become bench coach.

    We need to improve .

    We can do it.

    Armis Ramirez must work with Dusty Baker on his hitting.

    May was a rubbish month.

    We need to play better In June-October 1st.

    Bring back Ryne Sandberg as a fulltime coach.

    I personally would like Mark Grace as my hitting coach.

    He knows alot about hitting he was one of the best.

    I saw him play from 1993-2003.

    He was a aswome contact hitter and was a very good rbi man.

    We need to watch videos of the way we played in 2003.

    That team was superb.

    We will get better.

    Kerry Wood must make his legs stronger to put less strain on his arm.

    I read it helped Nolan Ryan he played an outstanding 27 years.

    Mark Prior must throw less pitches.

    I think Derrek Lee is better


    Derrek Lee can hit and field.

    Micheal Barrett is a very good alround catcher.

    He is a terrfic hitter and very good defensively.

    Mike Piazza can only hit he is a way below average defensive catcher.

    Armis Ramirez is a good alround player.

    Go Cubs!

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