Maddux Meltdown

Madduxrothchild I never thought I would see the day when Maddux would attack a poor defenseless watercooler with a baseball bat. But what do you expect from a ballclub that is having a train wreck of a season.  How much lower can it get after being swept by what many baseball experts agree is the worst team in baseball?  The Marlins, who were on a seven game losing skid before the Cubs series, took three in a row from the Cubs, two of them blowouts, one of them a come from behind victory in the ninth.  Everytime I think the Cubs have hit rock bottom, they sink even lower.

The young Marlins destroyed Maddux, who will now go winless in May after going undefeated in April.  The Cubs were actually winning this game 3-1 after 41/2 innings, then the wheels fell off in the fifth. Maddux had  two outs in the fifth when Hanley Ramirez reached on an infield single that should have been ruled a Borchard throwing error by Cedeno. Dan Uggla followed that up with an RBI triple, and he scored on Mike Jacobs’ double to tie the game at 3. Maddux walked Cabrera to face former White Sox underachiever Joe Borchard, who hit a home run to give Florida a 6-3 lead.   When the fifth was all over, the Marlins had hit for the cycle for the inning, the Cubs would never come close to threatening the Marlins, and a poor innocent watercooler was lying on the ground.

There really isn’t much to say that hasn’t been said.  The team is what it is.  The Cubs keep bringing up the fact that the Astros were declared dead last year, and Woodreturns_1 then turned there season around to face the White Sox in the World Series.  Newsflash guys, this team is not that good.  None of the injured stars are going to be in game shape anytime soon.  Wood looks like he will miss his next start (shocking!), Miller will not start his first game until June, Lee is still in a cast and has to go through a lot of rehab, and I am still waiting for Prior to catch the avian flu or ebola virus, which will probably set him back another week.

The Cubs will be back home to face the Braves this weekend, followed by a hard hitting Reds team.    The only thing I hope for is that Cubs management finally end the suspense of this Dusty Baker extension.  You have seen what this guy can do, either sign his extension or fire him.  Simple as that.  As for all the Cubs fans, I don’t really know what to say, other than I am tired, and it is only May.  The thing that angers me the most is all the support the fans give this team.  Almost any stadium the Cubs go to, there are more Cubs fans than home town fans.  How many games have you watched where the Cubs are the away team and you hear the chant "Let’s go Cubbies"?  We deserve better than this.  Marlinsfans Florida’s fan base is horrible, yet they managed to get two world series titles in only 13 seasons of being in MLB.  I don’t care if the Cubs buy a winner, like Florida did in 1997, only to see it dismantled.  I just want to say that we are the champs once before I die.

What do you guys think?


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    I give up I would rather we trade everyone and start from scratch at least then we would expect to lose and can play the underdog card. waiting for 2009

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