Braves Make It Two In A Row

Walekr_braves What a joke of a Memorial Day Weekend.  Getting ready to celebrate the beginning of summer, the Cubs continued their futility, getting swept for a second series in a row by the Atlanta Braves.  It wasn’t the fact that they lost three games in a row, but it was the unique ways that they lost all three.


Zambrano_braves_1 You knew the day was off to a weird start when Carlos Zambrano walks the first four guys, giving the Braves a 1-0, but what was more unusual was that he turned it around and had a no-hitter going into the eight inning.  The Cubs led 4-1 after six innings Zambrano still had a no-hitter going until Jacque Jones lost a ball in the sun that went for a seventh-inning double. At least Zambrano showed some maturity, standing on the mound and handing the ball off to Howry, while giving his some words of encouragement.  The Cubs still led 5-3 going into the ninth innining, until Ryan Dempster blew his third save opportunity in his last four chances on two hits, two walks and a wild pitch, plus the help of Perez’s double error that allowed the lead run to score.  Perez let Jones’ relayDempster_braves_1  throw bounce off of his glove and then threw the ball over Barrett’s head, giving the Braves a 6-5 win.  Dempster had 26 straight saves before blowing two in one week.  Has he lost it mentally, is he injured, who knows?  Dempster blew this one


On Saturday afternoon , the Cubs drew their largest paid crowd in 28 years.  I am Angry_fans_1 still in a little bit of shock that they are drawing so well.  Sean Marshall regained his form and gave the Cubs every opportunity to win the game, giving up only two runs over six inning, but getting no run support. The Cubs continued their struggles with left handers. The Cubs finished with 10 hits but no walks and only one run.  The inability of this team to ever get a clutch hit is amazing.  Chalk this loss to the offense.


After the anemic performance on Saturday, the Cubs offense came back big on Sunday, but this time the pitching and defense gave the Braves the sweep.  The Cubs gave up a franchise record eight home runs on a day when the wind was blowing out, yet did not score one home run of their own. Starter Jae Kuk Ryu only went an inning and a third, giving up six runs and four home runs.  He was relieved by that useless sack of blubber Rusch, who gave up four more runs on another two homers.  The Cubs offense rallied in the ninth, scoring four runs to Ramirezpopup_2 tie the game and send it to extra innings.  Then, in the bottom of the eleventh, Aramis Ramirez put the winning run on second when a high pop fly hit him on the head.  Cubs lose, Braves sweep  After the game Aramis said

"I have no excuses. I just missed the ball,"

Of course, Dusty had plenty of excuses, "That was tough for Aramis.  The ball was blowing around up there. That wind seems like it aided them more than it aided us."

I will put that down as one of Dusty’s stupidest comments ever.  How does one team get eight home runs while the other gets zero.  Unreal.

The only thing to do now is watch this car crash of a season and wait to see how the management will respond.

Last week readers poll shows that the majority of you did not think Pierzynski’s hit was a cheap shot.  Barrett did get a 10 game suspension, Brian Anderson got 5, and Pierzynski and Joey Cora got fined,  Check out this weeks new poll question and don’t forget to vote.


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