Motown Massacre

Cubs_vs_tigers_61706_006 I knew it was going to be bad, I just didn’t know it was going to be this bad.  I have never seen anything like this in Wrigley Field.  The Cubs should be ashamed of themselves and the performance this team put on this weekend.  Every Cubs fan who gave their hard earned money to watch this team should get a refund.  When it was all over, the Cubs were swept for a second series in a row, and lost by a combined score of 26-9.  It feels like this season has been never ending and we aren’t even at the All Star Break yet. 


My father-in-law and I went to see Saturday’s game, with Carlos Marmol making his second start in the majors.  The results weren’t good, but I thought Marmol Cubs_vs_tigers_61706_013 showed a lot of guts and kept his team in it.  It started out bad when the first batter, Curtis Granderson hit a triple.  Placido Polanco drove him in with a single, making the score 1-0.  With two outs Carlos Guillen cracked a two run homer making it 3-0.  After the first, Marmol settled down and and pitched six more innings, scattering four hits and allowing one more run.  Going seven innings and giving up only four runs to one of the best offensive teams in baseball isn’t too bad.  He gave the Cubs a chance in this game.  Unfortunately, the Cubs offense, bullpen, and the third base umprire blew that chance. 

In the second, Jacque Jones led off with a single and Mabry hit a double.  With men on first and second, Ronnie Cedeno hit a single, sscoring Jones and moving Mabry to third.  With runners at first and third and nobody out, Henry Blanco hit a double down the third base line that would have scored Mabry and Cedeno, but , third-base umpire Bill Welke ruled it foul, even though the ball kicked up chalk.  That would have tied the score at 3-3.  Dusty came out to complain, but Welke wouldn’t change his call.  The Cubs couldn’t score another run in the inning.  After that, the Cubs never came close. Tigers starter Justin Verlander and two relievers limited the Cubs to  12 hits, only three of which were for extra bases, even though the wind was blowing out. The Cubs were 3-for-11 with Pierretigers_1 runners in scoring position and left 11 on base.  Bob Howry and David Aardsma were horrible, giving up 5 more runs.  I don’t know if Howry’s arm is getting burnt out, but he has not looked good lately.  Aardsma is looking for a ticket to Iowa.  As usual, the Cubs big bats wait until the game is over to get some meaning less hits.  Ramirez and Nevin each had an RBI when the game was way over and the crowd had already left.


The triumphant return of our savior, Mark Prior.  Well, not exactly.  Prior did return, but there is nobody that can save this team.  Prior lasted 3 2/3 innings, Priortigers_1 giving up eight runs and four home runs, both career highs. By the time the first inning was over, the Cubs were already down 6-0.  Roberto Novoa relieved Prior, and gave up two solo home runs in the fifth and two more solo shots in the eighth.  Kenny Rogers, who was available in the offseason Jim Hendry, got his 200th career win, pitching eight solid innings.  The Cubs offense managed only five hits, four of those by Phil Nevin and Henry Blanco.  Blanco, Ramirez, and Nevin each had solo home runs. Tigers sweep.

House of Shame

It was the most shameful scene I can remember at Wrigley in a long time.  Tiger fans were everywhere, seemingly outnumbering Cubs fans.  Over and over again, they chanted "Let’s Go Tigers".  The Cubs fans didn’t even have the energy to Tigers_fans boo them.  As I walked through the concourse of Wrigley, I saw Tigers fans and White Sox fans chatting it up, excited about their teams and wondering who will win the division.  Cubs fans had to live with the fact that our season is over and we are 16 games out of first, only one game ahead of the pathetic Pittsburg Pirates.  I hope Cubs management was happy with what they have done.

Cubs Quotes

A couple of Cubs had some interesting quotes about this series.

First up, Juan Pierre;

"It’s been tough on us this season, and the fans are letting us hear it. But the only way to stop all that is to start winning. If you’re getting booed, then start doing your job."

I agree Juan.  Why don’t you start doing your job?  You are the worst lead off man in baseball.  We gave up three pitchers for you.

Then came Todd Walker;

"It’s embarrassing.  It’s not fun to go out there and lose every day, especially when you’re giving your heart to it."

Yes Todd, you guys are embarassing.  Trouble is, Cubs fans like myself don’t see you guys on the field putting your heart into it.  To us it looks like you guys are just going through the motions.

Finally, Aramis Ramirez said;

"I don’t know what’s good for us right now. We’re not doing anything right. We’re not hitting, we’re not pitching. How many runs did we give up this series? A lot. We can’t win like that. At the same time, we didn’t hit either. I don’t know what to say — we didn’t do anything right."

No, Aramis you guys didn’t do anything right.  Haven’t done much right all season.  When we needed someone to step up after Derek Lee’s injury, we looked to you Aramis. You are the one making the big bucks, but you folded.  You are hitting .250 as a cleanup hitter.  When Albert Pujols went down with an injury, Scott Rolan stepped up for his team.  What did you do? Wilted like a little flower. Sad

Question of the Week

I asked you what Cubs deserved to go to the All Star game.  50 percent of you said Michael Barrett deserves to go.  All the he is a good hitter, Barrett is a poor defensive catcher and does not call a good game.  17 percent of you felt that Todd Walker should go.  All though he has done his best, he is not even close to being the best second or first base man.  Three percent of you felt that Jacque Jones should go.  Jones’ bat is heating up , but his defense and baserunning skills are horrible.  The other 30 percent agreed with me and said that none of these players deserve to go.  Check out the new question of the week and don’t forget to vote.

Go Cubs



    Cubs are 26 -42 — 94 games to play! They have to play >659 basebal the rest of the way to win 88! IMPOSSIBLE! Fire Dusty NOW so he doesn’t mess up the young guys! Trade: Walker, Nevin, Pierre, Maddox, Womack, Bynum & Mabry; Listen to offers for Barrett, Dempster & Ramirez; Release: Neifi,Glendon Rusch. Bring up the kids and let them play! Get a manager who will develop the youth. You don’t win penants in April & May, but, you certainly can lose them! The Cubs did! Wait until next year!


    My seven year old son Gabe came in to the room yesterday during the 1st inning, saw the score, and said, “Cub’s lose.” If my 7 yr. old can see the writing on the wall, why can’t Hendry? Fire everyone in management! Fire all the coaches! Bring up the youths! As my dad told me when I called him for Father’s Day, “Get used to waiting for next year.”

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