Watching the Ship Go Down

Baker_arguing In what has become a difficult season for Cubs fans to watch, this team just seems to be getting worse and worse.  Their is more dysfunction within the Cubs organization then in any other big league franchise. Compound our miserable season with the fact that the Sox are continuing to play good baseball makes all of this even more painful.  The only thing to do is watch and hope for any signs of life from this team.

Don’t Know What You Got Till It’s Gone

Quoting from one of my favorite "Monster Ballads", I thought of this song while I Maddux_vs_giants was watching Greg Maddux’s brilliant game tonight against the San Francisco Giants.  All though he did not get the win, Maddux pitched eight brilliant innings, giving up only two hits in the first inning, and no runs.  The Dodgers won it in the tenth on a Russell Martin walk off home run.  Maddux gave up the two singles and then proceeded to retire the next 22 batters he faced.  The Dodgers have been one of the hottest teams in baseball and even though I wish he was with the Cubs, he is in a better happier place now.

No Pitching Here

Maddux and Zambrano helped keep the Cubs from the cellar that Pittsburg occupies.  Maddux is gone and Zambrano is struggling, probably from throwing 250 pitches a game.  With Maddux gone, Zambrano struggling, and Prior shut down for the season, we have to watch the young Cubs staff go through some growing pains.  Look at how the young Cubs fared this week

Pitcher    Day  Opponent     IP      H    R   ER     BB  SO    HR    ERA    Pitches

Marmol   Tues  Brewers        5.1     4     3     3     4      3      2     5.09       98

Zambrano Wed Brewers       4.2     5     6     4     4      4      1     3.54       109

Prior       Thur  Brewers       3.0     4     6     5      4       1      0    7.21        58

Hill          Fri   Colorado       4.2     6     6     6      5       2      1    7.23        96

Guzman   Sat  Colorado        2.2     9     7     7      2       1      1    7.39        68

Marmol   Sun   Colorado        5.0     5    6     6       8       1      1  5.50      106

Just look at these numbers.  This was one week.  Tuesday to Sunday.  The Cubs played six games and lost four of them.  In those six games, the Cubs young staff;

  • Went past the fourth inning twice, never making it past the fifth
  • Gave up 30 hitsBarrett_and_guzman_2
  • Gave up 34 runs
  • Gave up 27 walks
  • Struck out only 12 batters
  • Gave up six home runs
  • Only Zambrano has an ERA below 5.0

There is nothing we can do except hope that Larry Rothchild puts in some overtime this off season.  As difficult as it is to watch, the Cubs need to keep putting these guys out there, let them take their lumps, and hopefully they will be able to contribute next year.

Prior’s Mystery Soreness

Nobody seems to know why Mark Prior is injured and why he can’t seem to pitch Prior_vs_brewers_1 anymore.   Mark Prior was placed on the disabled list Saturday with tendinitis in the right rotator cuff, which basically ends his season.Trainer Mark O’Neal said Prior will miss at least three weeks and will be evaluated on a weekly basis after that.  Prior started out the season on the DL, and that is where he will end up. This season, Prior is 1-6 with a 7.21 ERA, and has been able to make only nine starts. In just 43 2/3 innings, Prior has allowed 46 hits and 28 walks. He also has given up nine home runs, hit eight batters and thrown five wild pitches.  An MRI arthrogram of his shoulder on Friday disclosed what O’Neal termed "under-surface rotator cuff impingement," or tendinitis.  O’Neal said Prior would not have to undergo surgery on the shoulder.

"Right now, no, it’s not an option we’ve even looked into," he said. "Mark was clear. He did not want to [have surgery]."

Good for Mark, but what if he needs surgery to be more successful next year.  Like many Cubs fans, I am scared to lose him and watch him blossom somewPriorlovestowels_2here else, but Prior has been on the disabled list eight times in his career, including three times this season. Maybe it is time to cut the cord. O’Neal added;

"You don’t want to sit there and start throwing in the towel"

Funny, that seems like all Prior is good at doing.

Hendry vs Baker

You knew it was coming. They were trading little barbs and veiled comments at each other all season, but the war of words between Baker and GM Jim Hendry Baker_and_hendry_3 seems to be heating up.

Some interesting comments by Dusty;

-"That’s my attitude. … I have a choice too, you know. Both sides have a choice."
-"All I know is that it seems like all of a sudden, a lot of people have gotten smarter and more knowledgeable than me in a short period of time. I don’t say what I’ve done or where I’ve been or where I’m going. All I know is what I know."
-"I’m good, I’m good. I mean, I could be better. Been better. But, I mean, this is part of the process of life. You want to be on top all the time. You want to be good all the time. Sometimes it’s not like that. So you deal with it. You deal with it as a man. No complaints."

-"You should’ve judged me long before we got to this point. You should’ve been judging me on the last 13-14 years versus these last three or four months. That’s how I look at it. My track record means something."

Sounds like a man on the defensive

Some Hendry Quotes

-"When you’re in the situation that we’re in, a lot of things go into play when you’re evaluating field personnel"

-"A lot of other clubs we’ve seen [have young pitchers],"  I don’t want to fall into the pattern of making any excuses. We’ve got young pitchers that can pitch."

It really seems like these two gentleman do not like each other anymore.  Watch for the Cubs and Dusty to go their seperate ways.

Question of the Week

Apparently many of you want Ramirez to come back and get paid more money to continue to be a me first type player. Fair enough.  Take a look at the new question of the week.

Go Cubs


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