What’s Doogie Howser Up To?

Well, I guess I will officially call this garbage time.  Yes, you could argue that it has been garbage time since early May, but now it is official.  For Cubs fans, the sad reality has finally hit everybody that there is nothing left to do until next season.  Watching many of these games on tv, it is easy to see the large numbers of empty seats at Wrigley.  I hope the bean counters at Clark and Addison are seeing them too.  There are still some things that Cubs fans are eagerly anticipating, like whether Dusty will be asked back, will Ramirez demand more money, will Santo finally be invited to Cooperstown, and will Hendry actually Rowand show up to the Cubs Convention.  The Cubs dropped three out of four against the Phillies, nothing that exciting except for Aaron Rowand’s stupid antics.  Lucky that guy didn’t seriously hurt Chase Utley.  This leads me to ask;

How bad is the Cubs medical training staff?

Considering that the Cubs are one of the highest grossing baseball teams, Doogie_howser wouldn’t you think they would find some trainers and doctors that could keep players health?  What’s that Doogie Howser up to anyway? Initial reports from the Cubs doctors was that it was a sprained ankle.  After further examinations at Northwest Community Hospital, it was  revealed that Rowand sustained an ankle fracture.  It seems like the trainers and medical staff in the Cubs organization don’t know what they are doing.  They somehow keep misdiagnosing players, such as Mark Prior and Kerry Wood.  They can’t keep anybody healthy and I wonder if the team streches out enough.  Rookie Ryan O’Malley became the 13th Cubs player to land on the DL, about a day after newly acquired shortstop Cesar Izturis became the 12th.  The Cubs have used the DL 17 times, including twice each for Derrek Lee, Kerry Wood and Glendon Rusch and three times for Mark Prior.  This just isn’t right.

Racist Wrigley Fans

I have to say, I have been disappointed at some of the fans behavior this year, but I have a hard time swallowing the story published about racists fans at Wrigley that came out in USA Today


The story opens with a story about Dusty opening another racist, threatening letter.  The paper says;

"It begins with a nasty racial epithet, but Baker keeps reading. He finishes the letter, slowly crumbles it in a ball and tosses it in the trash bin. Oh well, he says, at least they’re getting friendlier. This one didn’t include a death threat. "

Hawkins Oh please.  It shows a picture of Dusty and his son. It has quotes from former Cubs Corey Patterson and LaTroy Hawkins, who lament all the racism that the had to deal with from the fans.  According to the paper, Hawkins had his letters opened by MLB security while he was in Chicago. Hawkins said

"I thought that stuff was over 30 years ago.  I had never been exposed to it. … I couldn’t believe people were dropping the ‘n-word’ on me. People calling your mother a raccoon or you a porch monkey. You can only take so much abuse until you fight back."

Hawkins also added that the same things are happening to Jacque Jones.

"The same thing happening to me is happening to Jacque. To have people threatening to harm us over baseball games just doesn’t make sense."

Patterson added

"There’s only so much you can take there. You have the manager and general manager saying, "Don’t worry about it,’ but unless you’re going through it personally, how can you not worry about it? You can only be so strong, so tough." 

It also tells the sad tale about how Dusty’s wife, Melissa, can’t take their son to the games anymore because of the hostile environment and how they have had to change their phone number.  Melissa added;

"Nobody wants to hear about race, but unless you’re a minority, you can sympathize, but you can’t relate. "It’s shocking that these things still go on. It’s just a baseball game, but there’s so much hostility."

Finally, good old Don Baylor took some swipes at Cubs fans.

I’ve talked to Dusty, and he’s suffering.  It’s a tough place to play, a tough place to manage. It’s like they bring that hatred to the ballpark.

"They say that Cubs fans are great. Define that for me. Is that throwing things on the field, showing disdain for your players? Is that your definition?

"When does it end?"

Now let me respond.  What a piece of ****.  This was a totally fabricated story to make Dusty look good and Chicago look bad.  I’m sure Dusty does not have a mountain of threatening mail full of racist hatred.  I don’t know why Hawkins needed security to open his mail, and Corey Patterson couldn’t  handle playing in a big market town because he was a dope.  If Jones if feeling hatred, it probably has more to do with the mind boggling stupid plays he has been involved in, not the color of his skin.  Am I that naive to think that there aren’t some idiots who might be writing stupid letters, but I can’t believe that a majority of people would write something like that.  The reason Cubs fans booed Patterson was because he couldn’t lay off the fastball above his head.  I would get so angry when I saw the opposing catcher literally stand up to catch a high fastball Corey kept swinging at.  I’ll never forget all the blown saves that cost the Cubs a chance at the 2004 playoffs and how he blew the first home came of the season against Milwaukee in 2005.  How about when Hawkins went on a nutty rant at the media after being given the closer’s job after reliever Joe Borowski went down in 2004.  What USA Today, and people outside of the city don’t understand is that we are the city of big shoulders.  Shut up, do your job, and don’t make any excuses, that’s all we ask for.  Patterson, Jones, Hawkins, and Baker couldn’t do that.  Neither could Todd Hundley, Glendon Rusch, and recently Ryan Dempster, who are white and have also been booed everytime they screw up.  I don’t care if you are white, black, red, yellow, orange, pink blue.  I don’t care if you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Hare Krishna, or Scientologist.  All I care about is whether you can play ball or not.  I have been to well over two hundred games over the last two years, and I have never heard anyone use the "n"-word ,porch monkey, or any other racial term.  Maybe they are saying these things at different parts of the park, but I haven’t heard them at all.

Baylor Don Baylor can say what he wants, but I don’t know of any fans who would continue to come to games that don’t matter.  We support our team and our players.  Why doesn’t the article quote Derek Lee?  It was just a bunch of **** from a bunch of Dusty apologists who want to make him look like the victim.  Dusty Baker was paid one of the higest salaries in baseball to help this team win.  I haven’t seen any good managing from Baker.  To read this article makes it sound like everyone at Wrigley is wearing white hoods.  If you have heard otherwise, if you have heard rascist comments while attending a game at Wrigley, please comment below and let me know.


One comment

  1. jens.wiking@gmail.com

    That is just the biggest BS I’ve heard in a while. Chicago’s first 2, and for a long time the only, retired numbers were Ernie Banks and Billy Williams. Black men. If it wasn’t for Ryno, Andre Dawson would have been the Cubs greatest and most loved player of the 80s and early 90s. I seem to remember some guy named Sammy Sosa was pretty popular too, and I think he was black. Fergie Jenkins was Black. Derrek Lee is black.
    Am I just smoking crack, or have the majority of the Cubs’ greatest and most loved players, since the color barrier was broken, been black? White players have never been a significant majority on any Cubs team.

    This is the city of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Fergie Jenkins, Sammy Sosa, Walter Peyton and William Perry, just as much as its the city of Ryne Sandberg, Ron Santo, Rick Sutcliffe, Bobby Hull, Goerge Halas, and Mike Ditka.

    I don’t see this argument having any foundation at all. There are either just a few bad apples, or this is some crackpot scheme to stir buzz.

    Remember that comment Dusty Baker made about white players playing better in cold, and black players playing better in the heat? Who the **** is this guy? Who the **** is Don Baylor?

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