Show Me The Money!!

Aramis_hrvs_phils Wow, that Aramis Ramirez is hitting the **** out of the ball.  Ramirez went 4-for-5 with two home runs and a career-high seven RBIs on Monday night in the Cubs’ 11-6 victory over Philadelphia at Citizens Bank Park.  And Dusty Baker continued to show why he is the stupidest manager in the world.  After Ramirez had his monster game, Baker said;

"It’s a great finish, he’s finishing strong, and boy, it came right on time for us."

This is what causes Cubs fans like myself to pull out our hair.  NO Dusty.  No no no no no.  The right time to get hot would Leeinjury_3 have been when the Derek Lee went down with a broken wrist. When the team was slumping they needed a superstar to lift up the team and carry them on his back.  Instead, Ramirez stunk, the Cubs stunk, and we were out of it before June.  I just don’t understand why Baker says the things he says.  I wonder, just wonder, why Ramirez is doing so well.  I’m sure it has nothing to do with the ability to renegotiate his contract at the end of the season.  Ramirez says;

"I just go out there and play the game.  I’m not that smart to be thinking about playing the game and my contract at the same time. I’ve been pretty consistent the last few years. Whatever happens, happens."

With the Los Angeles Angels and Dodgers, Philadelphia and Ramirez_vs_phils Detroit all salivating at the thought of Ramirez becoming a free agent, it leaves Cubs fans wondering what to do.  Do you renegotiate before he hits the market, or do you lose the only half decent third baseman since Ron Santo?  I don’t know what Hendry was thinking, allowing an opt out clause, but Ramirez and his agent know they can ride this to the bank.  Ramirez got hot and has the numbers to justify a large contract.  So now what? Resign the guy and watch him struggle through April and May until he heats up in the summer?  If you are playing a big league talent the big league dollars, don’t you expect him to play like a superstar all year round?  With the Ramirez_win_vs_phils ubs not likely to sign big names like Carlos Lee or Alfonso Soriano, can they afford to let Ramirez walk?  They are going to need power, especially if they intend  to keep Murton in the outfield.  Of course Dusty knows what was wrong with Ramirez in April and May,

"Weather might be a part of it. He’s from the Dominican. He plays better in the warm weather."

Oh God, I can’t take another Dusty quote?  What do you guys think we should do with Ramirez?




    Factis, most MLB players are money grubbers like Ramirez instead of noble players like Lee. Except not most of them can play 3rd base and hit 30+ homeruns. Pay him and put together a REAL team around him. So he’s not going to carry a team? Why should he? He should be an important part of a team, and he is.


    Agreed, but what about the idea of caring about the team? Do you remember when Ramirez said he wasn’t worried, that he would get his numbers? Well, he has. I have no problem with his nubmers. I have a problem with a guy who doesn’t seem to hustle or is more interested in posing for the camera than doing what is necessary to help the team win. And when you want to get paid the big bucks, you are expected to earn them-meaning carrying a team if they are down. Until the Cubs organization and players start to care more about the team then individual accomplishments, we will have to wait another 100 years to win a championship.

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