The Baseball Season Is Officially Over

Cardinals_win The St. Louis Cardinals ended the baseball season by shocking the world, defeating the heavily favored Detroit Tigers.  What a perfect way to end a miserable season. The White Sox in 2005 and the Cardinals in 2006.  Wonderful.  Pour a little more salt in the wounds of Cubs fans.  I’ll take this moment to thank all the readers and my family and friends who helped me survive a difficult season.  I have put together this little montage and I hope you all enjoy it.  Maybe next year will be our turn.  Maybe there is a rainbow breaking through our dark clouds.




    Great, I can’t wait to hear all the pestering from my cousins. How does a team with such a poor record make it all the way? There were 5 teams with better records that didnt even make the playoffs. Ugh. Stupid Cardinals.

  2. Steven

    Wonderful video, man. I bookmarked the spot to share it with my boss at work. He may want to do something similar. How many girl friends do you have dude? I want to be a Cubs fan too! Rumour mill is Craig Counsell will speak with Cubs and sign a one year contract. He lives 2 hours away in Milwaukee and has 3 kids. It may look in significant, but he’s played on 2 World Series winners and more importantly has great range at 3b, 2b, ss, and can play some outfield. He’s a good hit and run guy and not a nuisance in the clubhouse. The kind of player Pinella won’t have to baby sit. Sounds like a good fit. Will he transform the Cubs? Probably not, but with another addition like someone crying to exit the New York Media circus, the Cubs will be better.


    Glad you enjoyed the video. As far as Craig Counsell, he is a good clubhouse guy and a leader, and would have really been useful during the Dusty era when there was no leadership, but I am more concerned about getting some big names. If the Cubs can get him on the cheap, and not have to rely on him as an everyday player a la Neifi Perez, I’m cool with the move.


    Would love to see Craig here! He is a great guy who coached for me in the off season. Super with kids! Also his agent , a long time friend and my former battery mate, is a life long Cubs fan. I used to kid Craig that I heard he was traded to the Cubs. Let’ hope that comes true! He would be nice addition with a winning attitude. However, we need a solid closer (Dempster???), a number two and or 3 starter, a number 4 or 5 hitter and a trainer that can keep players healthy. This is all with the speculation that Pierre and Rameriez return, but the trainer piece will not be attainable for 2 years.


    The ideal situation, in my opinion, would have been to bring Maddux back as the Pitching/Pitcher (Player) coach!!!

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