Random Thoughts Before the Convention

Cubs_convention_06_004 Well, like the Chicago Bears, I will be spending my weekend at the Chicago Hilton on Michagan Avenue for the 27th annual Cubs Convention!  Bruce-O and I will be returning to listen to Cubs talk, ask the hard questions, meet some players, and throw back a few beers.  I will have information about the convention all next week.  A few random thoughts before I leave.

Pinella Names Opening Day Starter

Surprise Surprise Carlos Zambrano was named the opening day starter for the Cubs when they open the season against Cincinnati.  This will be Carlos’ third season opener in a row.  The first two were not too good, let’s hope he has a good outing this year.  Had Zambrano pitched better in April, there is no question in my mind he would have won the Cy Young.

Fan Frenzy

Lou Pinella is finding out first hand how knowledgable and devoted Cubs fans are.  He is in for an even bigger surprise when he sees the nuttiness that occurs during the Convention.  Lou has been traveling with the Cubs Caravan, which stopped recently in Peoria.  "The questions weren’t easy," Piniella said on Thursday.  Lou has never managed for a team with a fan base like the Cubs.  Lou_interviewed Makes you wonder if after this weekend, will Lou be wondering what he got himself into?  Lou was planning a trip to the Dominican Republic to watch Felix Pie this winter, but Cubs general manager Jim Hendry told Piniella to wait and that the team would most likely add a veteran for the short term. Please God don’t let it be Cliff Floyd.

Sigh of Relief

Pinella said that fans who go to spring training will see an emphasis on fundamentals. According to Pinella, everybody has to be able to bunt. He’ll do baserunning drills. Players must be able to field their position. Piniella has already started to set the tone for spring training.

"I don’t like being on the field four hours," Piniella said. "I did tell a few of our players that if they want to play golf this spring, it’ll be twilight golf"

OOoooo, isnt that what Cubs fans have been waiting to hear?!

Screw You Bud

So, according to an anonymous source, Bud Selig addressed the owners on the free agent market, and singled out our Cubs and the San Fran Giants for their free agent spending.  When asked about this, Bud said,

"We discussed some things, but we do that at every meeting,"

Wow, brilliant answer you dope.  One question Bud, why, when the Cubs for the first time in team history, start spending like the major market team that they are, do you give them a hard time?  Isn’t this America?  Did the Cubs break any rules?  Aren’t teams allowed to spend their money as they see fit?  Did Bud bust the Yankees or Boston for gobbling up nearly every free agent the last however many years?  Did Bud address the allegations that Boston tampered with J.D. Drew while he was under contract with the Dodgers?  Probably not.  Selig did nothing to prevent the steroid era, screwed up the all star game, came up with the moronic World Baseball Classic, and milllions of other stupid things to ruin the game.

Leave the Cubs alone a-hole.  If you don’t want teams buying up the free agents, look into a salary cap.  Until then, the Cubs can spend their money any way they want.

See You At the Convention

I hope to meet some of you readers at the convention.  Should be a great time and I am ready to get pumped up about Cubs baseball.  If you see me say hi, I will be the guy with the Crawly jersey on!




  1. lanl1965@msn.com

    Can’t wait for the season.For once mgmt. is making some steps in the right direction.Lou pinnella is going to be just what the cubs need.

  2. ed_mick1@yahoo.com

    First, I want to compliment you on an outstanding blog. And I’m a White Sox fan!

    I’m trying to bookmark at least one blog from every team and I’m going through mlb’s team list in alphabetical order. It’s amazing that mlb links to so many blogs with no updates for months. I’ve gone through about 20 (starting at Arizona) and you’re the second I’m bookmarking.

    Now for my dissent. I think there are a whole lot of people out there who have just decided they don’t like Bud and won’t give him credit for anything he does.

    The fact is that Bud has made some mistakes, but has also done LOTS of good. I know this is an upopular position, but I look at 15 new stadiums, attendance records, the Wild Card (which I was initially aginst…but boy was I wrong!), and a better competitive balance situation than we’ve had in a while, and I see lots of good.

    And you are in the minority on the World Baseball Classic. I was dubious, but wound up watching every game I could….and it was fantastic! More international attention on baseball than ever before. The WBC will be a very, very big deal going forward…only getting bigger and bigger.

    I also really like the unbalanced schedule. What is the point of having divisions if you’re going to play everyone the same number of times? I think having 18 or 19 games against division rivals has really spiced things up.

    And of course there’s interleague play. The purist in me doesn’t like it. But come on, it’s hard to argue with the numbers. It, too, has been a huge success. And there’s nothing like those Cubs-Sox series, is there?

    I think you need to give credit where it’s due.

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