Screw You Cooperstown

Screw you Cooperstown

Screw you members of the BBWAA

And a big screw you to Joe Morgan.

For the third time in a row, the Veteran’s Committee failed to elect anyone to Santo_smilitng the Hall of Fame, including Cubs Legend Ron Santo.  Santo finished first on the ballot with 57 votes, or 69.5 percent, five votes shy of the necessary 75 percent for induction. Santo was followed in the voting on the players ballot by former pitcher Jim Kaat, who recieved 52 votes (63.4 percent), former Dodgers first baseman Gil Hodges with 50 votes (61 percent) and former Twins outfielder Tony Oliva with 47 votes (57.3 percent).  He added five more votes to his 2005 total, but a lot of good that does him as he now must wait another two years to get a chance to be elected.  He was not talking to the media afterwards, but his friend and former teammate Billy Williams gave his opinion on the situation.

"I felt sorry for him because he was so looking forward to getting the call," Williams said. "I felt really good about it this year. I talked to Ernie [Banks] yesterday and I think everybody involved [wanted it to happen]. Maybe we were a little partial to him because we were teammates, but I really thought with the credentials he had, I think he was deserving of the Hall of Fame."

When asked what was keeping Santo out of the Hall of Fame, Williams said

"I’m not sure.  I know Santo has rubbed a few people the wrong way, but I hope that’s not the case. I would hope everybody has grown and gotten through that."

Apparently they haven’t.  An neither have the baseball writers that didn’t vote him when he was eligible.  It is interesting that "more than one quarter" of the voters are media members who had been elected to the Hall of Fame.

Why are they allowed to vote?  Why don’t just the living Hall members vote?  Even if media didn’t have a vote, there would always be jerks like Joe Morgan Santo_heel_click standing in the way of Ron Santo.  Joe Morgan said it was unfair to criticize the Veterans’ Committee for not voting anyone in because "the writers voted on these guys 15 years without any of them being elected." Morgan disputed the notion that the Hall of Famers aren’t looking closely at the candidate’s credentials before voting.
"The players did their due diligence," Morgan said.

Really Joe.  If so, maybe you can email these links that reader jlawlor posted in the comment section of my last post.

I am not going to go through every arguement, you’ve heard it all before but you can look at these link if you like, especially if you are dealing with someone who disputes that Santo belongs in the Hall. Simply put, of the 10 third basemen in the Hall, Santo has better numbers than 5 of them.  It also looks at his great fielding numbers.  These links go into great depth as to why Ron Santo deserves to go into the Hall.

But we know it isn’t because of the numbers.  It’s because *** holes like Joe Morgan think they are above Santo and other Cubs. 

Santo_tip_of_the_cap_1  Just remember this Joe.  When you come to Wrigley with ESPN, I am going to wipe that smug look of yours off your face.  The second they let me in, I will heckle you mercilessly.  I won’t stop until the game is over or they kick me out.

You **** Joe Morgan. You and the rest of the ****** that prevented a true Hall of Famer the honor that he deserves.


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