Carpe Diem

For those of you who have seen the movie Dead Poet’s Society, you know what Carpe Diem means.  It means seize the day, which is exactly what the Cubs have to do.  Play one game at a time.  Every broadcaster, sports writer, sports radio host, etc. are reminding the Cubs and their fans how rare it is for a team to come back from a 2-0 deficit, but Lou has been  right by preaching one game at a time. 

Lou_check_out_the_field_104 "It can be done," Piniella said. "But you can’t look past (Game 3). Tomorrow’s game is the one you need to win. It would be nice to win win three games in one day, but it’s not going to happen"

The Cubs need to relax, play within their abilities, not over, and let good things happen.  Don’t forget that even though this team doesn’t have the marquee names, they won the most games in the NL; more than the Cubs, Rockies, Phillies, New York, and a lot of other teams that have the big dollar players.  Also don’t forget that the Dbacks were only behind Milwaukee for most wins at home.  But now the Cubs are coming back home.  They had the day off today, and tomorrow, they need to start out relaxed.  It’s up the Cubs fans now to prove why we are the best fans in baseball.  We don’t need an electrical scoreboard or neon signs flashing everywhere to tell us when to cheer or drown out the opposing fans.  We need to cheer the Cubs, boo the Dbacks, and not boo our own players, no matter what happens. 

I think it’s funny how everyone is questioning every little thing Lou is doing.  Ask any baseball expert who the best manager in baseball is, and they will give you one of four names; Pinella, LaRussa, Cox, or Torre.  People may argue about who is the best, but those four names are always up there.  The Cubs finally get a real manager for the first time in my thirty years as a Cubs fan, and now people are questioning him?  And people want to rip apart Lee-Ramirez-Soriano now?  Wasn’t Ramirez one of the most clutch hitters in baseball? Ramirez_strikes_out How about that game winning home run against the Brewers’ Francisco Cordero?  How about Soriano jacking the ball everywhere he went in September?  And how about Lee’s offense, defense, and leadership?  You think these guys don’t want to win?  The trouble is they want to win too much and everyone on the team is trying too hard. Livan Hernandez is a veteran pitcher, but his stuff is not what it once was.  The Cubs players need to be patient, not hang their heads or throw their helmets or gloves.  Putting your head down, throwing things,and bad body language just shows your opponent that you Lillly_on_his_knees are frustrated.  It’s like putting a drop of blood in a pool of sharks.  Show confidence in themselves and go out and do the best they can.  This is not an impossible task.  It’s going to be hard, but it can be done.  Anyone who has really followed the Cubs this year knows that it has been a roller coaster season.  April, May, and August were horrible months for the Cubs. In June, July, and September they looked brilliant.  This has been a very bipolar team.  Remember the last week of September.  They sweeped the Pirates and we were all doing the tomahawk chop as the Brewer choked against the Braves.  Then we were swept in Florida and we thought the world was going to end.  Then the Cubs went to Cincy, too 2 of 3, and we were ready to go to the world series.  What made you think the postseason was going to be any different?  Unfortunately, one loss and the season is over.  That’s why the Cubs need to go out there and leave everything out on the field.  A win tormorrow means we go to Game 4 with Zambrano scheduled to go against Micah Owings.  Win that game and we’re back to even and we’re heading back to the desert.  Twice in my life time the Cubs had a huge lead over an opponent and they couldn’t put them away.  In 1984, the Cubs won the first two games against the San Diego Padres, and only had to win one of three game in San Diego, but the Padres won all three.  In 2003, we had a 3-1 lead over the Marlins, and we all remember what happened.  Well you know what?  It’s payback time.  Let’s shock the baseball world.  I will not be live blogging tomorrow since I will be at Wrigley Field, and I also expect to be at Wrigley on Sunday to watch the Cubs play game 4.  We’ve gone through too **** much this season to just roll over and die to the Dbacks.  Let’ go out there and give the Cubbies all our support.  I will be there with a sign and a giant snake with a noose around it’s neck!  It’s time we skin these snakes,and it all starts tomorrow.  As Big Z said on June 1st, we are starting over.  I believe it’s gonna happen.  The title of this entry was Carpe Diem, and the phrase was made popular by the Latin poet Horace.  In honor of the Cubs, I reworked some of the words for all you Cubs fans up there.  Don’t give up the hope.

Ode to the Cubbies

Cubbies, don’t listen — it’s dangerous to know —what end the baseball gods will give me or you.

Don’t listen to experts either. Better just deal with whatever comes your way.

Whether you’ll see several more pitches or whether the last one Arizona throws you is the one even now breaking over the plate at Wrigley Field–be smart, look for your pitch.

Scale back your long hopes

Theriot_great_play_104 to a short period.

Even as we speak, envious time

is running away from us.

Seize the day, trusting little in the future.

Cubbies, don’t listen — it’s dangerous to know —

Go Cubs!




    I just want to say thanks for this totally insightful and interesting blog. It’s not easy to find quality like this (even (especially?) in mainstream journalism).

    Please keep up the good work.

    I agree with your points about Lou. Marmol had an off night – stuff happens.

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