Part III-In Their Own Words

{Part III in a series that looks back at the 2007 playoffs}

It seems like an entire lifetime ago that the Cubs were eliminated from the 2007 playoffs, but it’s been less than a week.  Thursday night was probably the hardest, realizing if the Cubs had won, Game 1 would have been at Wrigley.  This post will not try to analyze the series anymore, but give the players their feelings about everything that happened.

Derek Lee

"Whenever you don’t hit, they say you’re pressing. I don’t buy that. I’ve played this game a long time and we just didn’t hit and you can’t do that in a short series."

"I learned there are times you have to show up and if you don’t, you go pack. I learned that for sure."

"I never envisioned a sweep. You saw the difference. They played well, and we didn’t. It doesn’t matter what you do in the regular season. In a short series, you have to play well now."

Aramis Ramirez

"It’s not one guy, or three guys, it’s the whole team. We haven’t hit the way we’d like to, and that’s the bottom line. We haven’t played the way we’d like to."

Ramriez_stupid_2 "It’s playoff time, adrenaline takes over, and I think we tried too hard. We didn’t hit. If you don’t hit, you don’t win."

"We just didn’t get it done.  They outpitched us, outplayed us, outhit us."

Cliff Floyd

"You couldn’t have told me we weren’t going to score runs or at least be in games.  We had some opportunities we squandered and when you do that, you open the door to an adrenaline rush for them."

"We dug holes for ourselves and couldn’t get out of them. You can talk until you’re blue in the face, but it’s about scoring runs and keeping them off the scoreboard as much as you can."

"I thought we had every ingredient possible to do what we had to do. We fell short. We have a bunch of great guys in this locker room, great competitors. We weren’t just happy to get to the playoffs. It wasn’t just, ‘Thank you, we made it.’ We felt we were going to go a long way. It’s going to be some tough days ahead to get past this."

Alfonso Soriano

"We didn’t have that big hit all series.  That’s why we lost all three games."

Soriano_watches_2 "I think they were frustrated, like us, because we were supposed to play better, all three games. I think they felt a little frustration because they see us play well at the end of the regular season and not play good here. But that’s part of the game. We just have to come back better and play harder next year."

"I think the problem is all three games we tried to do too much.  They had very good pitching, but I think everybody tried to do too much. They know they have a very good team. But we’re better than that — we proved that in the regular season."

"[Arizona] played well and they pitched well — and we did nothing. We had a lot of opportunities tonight and the last three games, and we did nothing."

Ryan Dempster

"It’s tough for us as players because we’re not happy with just winning the division.  It was a fun season and a good experience, but it wasn’t a great year. To have a great year, you have to win a championship. So, we have to work a little harder this offseason, and do what we need to do to go all the way."

Mark DeRosa

"That’s what’s so depressing. Our lineup is too good to perform the way we performed. It puts too much pressure on our pitchers."

Derosa_double_play_1 "The one at-bat I need to come through, I didn’t get it done," That’s what you take from it — period, the end. I didn’t get it done. I don’t worry about my teammates. I trust in my teammates. You never point fingers. You look at yourself if you’re a man. You look at yourself. I didn’t get it done."

"We’re shocked right now. There’s not a guy in here that expected this to happen.

"Losing three straight games and watching them celebrate on our field — I’m completely stunned"

"We took a team that lost 96 games to the playoffs and that has to be viewed as a success, but we didn’t accomplish what we wanted and it’s hard to view that as anything but depressing."


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    What I find is so frustrating is that we’re really a better team than we played. Coming off a great September,it was almost like someone had just hit the “off” switch right as the playoffs began.

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