Fonzie Gimpy??

Soriano_swings  This doesn’t sound good.  Everyone on the team has shown up except for Aramis and Ronnie Cedeno.  But reports out of Mesa is that Soriano’s legs are still not 100%.  Apparently Soriano has been running at 75 percent speed, on orders from the Cubs’ medical staff, as part of his conditioning program leading up to camp.  Not only that, but the Cubs doctors were watching him shag fly balls to see how his legs were responding.  They say it will take another two weeks to beging sprinting.  When asked if he would be able to swipe some bases, Soriano replied,

”I don’t know yet. I have to see maybe in a couple weeks, see how I feel in my legs.  If I feel good, 100 percent, I can start running again.”

Those aren’t the words you want to hear from your lead off hitter.

”We’re going to watch him. It’s just a question of letting him get in shape and not pushing him and getting him ready for the season,” said manager Piniella.

Anyone praying that Jim Hendry is still on the telephone with Andy MacPhail?  That Brian Roberts deal is looking a heck of a lot better.  Now the Cubs finally have the excuse to lower Soriano down in the line up.  Without his ability to steal bases, there is no point in having him lead off anymore.  That means the Cubs are truly in the market for a lead off hitter.  Please Jim, get it done.

Harry Caray R.I.P.

I was always going to be a Cubs fan.  It is just in my families DNA.  My dad got me into the Cubs, and I learned the hard way what being a Cubs fan meant, as theHarry_singing first team I ever grew attatched to was the 1984 Cubs.  During 1984 and after, I learned a lot about baseball, life, booze, and women, from the greatest broadcaster that ever lived, Harry Caray.  Today, Monday, marks the 10th anniversery of his passing.  Harry didn’t have the best voice, but his love and passion for the game made him an icon.  It was like watching a game with a friend.  Everyone has their favorite Harry moments, whether it was misspronouncing someone’s name, or trying it backwards, the seventh inning stretch, hearing him yell Holy Harry_passing_out_drinks Cow!, or plugging Budweiser products.  He was the biggest baseball fan who got the job of his dreams. He loved life. I will always remember the joy of listening to Harry call a game, and I miss it all the time.  Comcast sports net, a cable tv station here in Chicago, will be commemorating his life by playing the documentary, "Hello Again Everybody, as well as a few of the games Harry called.  If you were too young to here Harry, or you are like me and want to reminice, check it out. Don’t forget that Thursday is the Tenth Annual Worldwide Toast To Harry.  I thought I would end this post with an excerpt from Harry’s speech when he was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame,

"I think of the fans…That’s who I represent here today….You! The fans.  They Harry_careyare the great unsung heroes of our great game."

Rest in Peace Harry

Go Cubs!




    R.I.P. Harry

    There will never be another like him. Listening to him and Stone dominates my memories of the summer’s growing up. Rushing home from school to catch the last 3-4 innings of the 1:20 games was a daily ritual.

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