Tell Us Your Virtual Room Horror Story

Things are heating up all over spring training.  It seemed like all eyes are focused on three thinks;

1. Is Marmol, Howry, or Wood the closer?

2. Does Fukudome bat 3rd, 4th, or 5th?

3.  Is Pie or Fuld going to be the starting centerfielder?

Luckily, it is early in spring training and those questions will all work itself out, but today, Friday the 21st, I turn this blog over to you, the fans.  As you know, tickets go on sale today at Wrigley/ outlets.

I want to hear your stories!!  Did you make it down to Wrigley?  Were you in the Virtual Waiting Room?  How long?  How many computers did you use?  How many phones were you working?  Anyone get any good series?   What are the scalpers/brokers charging?  Are they on EBay yet?

Let Crawly’s Cub Kingdom know about it!  Click on the comments section and if you don’t have an MLB account, sign up for one, it’s free! 

Have at it!

Good Luck

Go Cubs!




    #4 – Are we gonna add Roberts?

    Crawly – Jerry and I missed you at the Harry toast last night. Guinness world record for biggest glass of beer. They wouldn’t let Jerry bathe in it? B*llsh*t! They did let us drink it, though.

    Anyway, Crane Kenney was there…as was McDonough and other cubs related peoples, we were hoping MacPhail and Hendry would show up for old times sake and consummate the Roberts deal on the spot. Didn’t happen.

    Good luck to everyone in the VirtualHatingRoom – OPENING DAY is 38 days away.


    Hi Crawly,

    Love the blog! Cubs fan from Kingston Ontario. My fiancee and I are planning to attend the June series against the Blue Jays. It’s going to be our first game ever! Do you have any tips on getting autographs?


    Fukudome- 4th

    Pie- starting centre

    We would love to get to Wrigley sometime–a possible honeymoon.

    Take care,



    Mark, here’s what I do when I go for autographs at Wrigley.

    Get to the stadium when the gates open (usu. 2 hours before the game) so you can be there for batting practice. That’s when the players are most likely to sign.

    From my experience,position players take their swings and then return to the dugout, so if you’re close to the dugout (next to it, not behind it)you’ll have a better chance to catch those players.

    Pitchers usually warm up in the outfield and will sign for fans who are waiting along the left/right field line.

    Good Luck,


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