Who’s 3, Who’s 4, Who’s 5?

The_right_stuffHope everyone was successful in their attempts to get tickets today.  And I really  hope you got to do it from the comfort of your own home instead of outside in this seemingly endless winter.  Let’s get back to Arizona to help warm you up! As we briefly touched on yesterday, Lou is still tinkering with the heart of the lineup.  He knows that there will be some combination of Fukudome, Lee, and Ramriez in the heart of the Cubs order, but who goes where.  Lee has been Lee_hr_91_2 very successful in the 3 spot, with Ramirez following him hitting clean up, but with Fukudome, it changes the mix a little.  The two big problems the Cubs had last year was that they were too slow and hand too many right handers.  Lou was happy to get Fuku in the mix, and he was hoping for Roberts.  Now that the Roberts deal seems to be fading away, he has to look at the team as is.  The Cubs will have a left hander in right field with Fuku and a left hander in center in either Sam Fuld or Felix Pie.  Now everyone, especially Lou, is expecting all that much production wise from center, so whoever wins the job will probably bat seventh or eighth in the lineup.  The way it looks now, the Cubs could go with

1. Soriano LF

2.Theriot SS

3. Fukudome RF

4. Lee 1B

Fukudome_swings_4 5. Ramirez 3B

6. DeRosa 2B

7. Soto C

8. Fuld/Pie CF

The reason Lou may go with this lineup is to break up the righthanders so that your 1-4 guys aren’t all righthanded.  The way Lou puts is

"It’s a good way to get some more power into the middle part of our lineup and get some more speed into the top part of our lineup. It’s something we’ll look at here in Spring Training and see how it works."

Soriano, even at 90 percent, Theriot and even Fukudome are pretty fast.  I guess I get a little nervous having all those slow pokes in the middle, Ramirez, DeRosa, and Soto.  I also an not sure that Pie, who Lou says has a slight edge, hitting in front of the pticher. 

So far I don’t know how much I would like to do this.  The other school of thought is to hit Fukudome 4th, splitting up Lee and Ramriez, making it even tougher for managers to just go with a right hander reliever later in the game. 

Captain_lou_1 "I don’t want to get caught with all this right-handed hitting in one area," Piniella said. "It makes it too easy for the opposing manager to bring in a tough right-handed reliever and he can go take a nap for a couple innings. "

What do you guys think?  Split Lee and Ramierz or have Fuku bat in front of them?


  1. Ryan

    I’m completely comfortable with seeing how Fukudome does in front of Lee and Ramirez. I understand what you’re saying about how Lee and Ramirez performed in the 3-4 spots, but seeing that Fukudome will have enough to deal with adjusting to ball in the States…and he too has had success hitting third (granted overseas)…I think it would be a good idea to kick things off placing him in the same spot in the lineup he’s used to. Plus, when you’re 4,5 hitters are Lee and Ramirez, not a whole lot to complain about there! : ) The article also mentioned Lou probably still has 100 lineups in mind at this point. I’m sure that’s true, but it would be great to see this one get a fair shot and see how it does at least. A great problem for Lou to have for sure.

  2. homestarunner93@yahoo.com

    Looks like we might NEED the Brian Roberts trade now. DeRosa was about to kick the bucket on us, something about an irregular heartbeat. I wish him the best, but maybe this is what will push management over the top and they go stronger for Roberts.

  3. dvarian@etconnect.com

    Hey Crawly saw ya at the cubs Convention I was the kid in the Harry Carray glasses. Anyways I completely agree with your line up. We know and have seen what Lee and Ramierez are capable of (and that Soriano is the leadoff man) this leaves Kosuke I would rather have him hit third until I know what kind of power he has that way Lee(Wrist pending) and Ramierez can knock his a** in with some good old fashioned long balls. Hope to see you at the ballpark.

    GO CUBS GO!!

  4. crawlyscubkingdom@hotmail.com

    Hey dvarian, did you also get your picture in the paper too? Good to see that your parents are raising you right! I hope to bring my son in a few years (he’s only 3). I will be at many games this year, starting on Opening Day. Check before games at Bernie’s!

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