Very Rough Weekend for the Cubs

Ouch, this was not a good weekend for the Cubbies!  It started off with Felix Pie missing a workout to have an unusual, but minor, medical procedure on his wedding tackle.  Then, second baseman Mark DeRosa was taken off the practice field on a stretcher and spent the weekend in the hopital. 

Cubs physician Stephen Adams told the reporters;

“Mark had an episode (Saturday) of an atrial dysrhythmia, that he’s had in the past that has lasted briefly. This one had a bit of an extended period of time, for which he contacted our head athletic trainer Mark O’Neal, who appropriately saw him and was with him. And when it didn’t break with his usual maneuvers he breaks with, we decided to take him to the hospital to have him monitored, and he went into a normal sinus rhythm (Saturday) afternoon from the atrial (dysrhythmia) and is resting comfortably. He was kept in the hospital (Saturday) night and is undergoing an evaluation.”

Boy, I hope he’s ok.  This may be Eric Patterson’s big break. With a lot of the focus being a trade for Brian Roberts, maybe Eric maybe the much cheaper and better alternative.   He blew his chance last year by showing up late and being demoted to the minors during the stretch run.  Hopefully he has learned from it and show what he’s made of, but like most of you, I still get a little nervous putting my hopes into a Patterson.

Finally, reliever Jose Ascaino, who the Cubs got in the Will Ohman deal, got beat up near a convenience store. Ascaino, who’s 6 foot, 170, was stopped on the way to the store by a robber, and when Ascaino told him he didn’t have money, the guy beat him up, suffering bruises and abrasions to the left side of his face.

Let’s hope this is the worst of it from the injury front.

First Spring Training Game of the Season

The Cubs finally play their first game of the spring on Thursday.  The rotation for the first four games was announced too.  The first four scheduled starting pitchers for the Cubs, who open Cactus League play Thursday: Ryan Dempster get the start vs. the San Francisco Giants on Thursday,  Carlos Zambrano vs. the Giants on Friday, Jason Marquis vs. the Los Angeles Angels on Saturday and Ted Lilly vs. the Giants on Sunday. Dempster finally gets a chance to prove that he belongs with the big boys.  The game will not be on TV, but you can hear all the action at WGN 720 AM.

Just an Observation

I was a little surprised to see that are tickets available for many of the home games still.  Opening Day was obviously one of the first games to sell out, but only one other game was sold out for the month of April, the 21st, a night game that will be on ESPN vs the Mets (Johan Santana?)  Every Saturday game in May is sold out, but every other day is not sold out.  Only the White Sox series is sold out in June, though two of the three series in July are sold out.  The weekends are all sold out in August, but there are tickets for every weekday game, and only the last series of the season, against the Cardinals, is sold out.  Is it just me or are you surprised about the amount of tickets available?  I mean, we won the Central last year and look to have an even better team this year.  Now, granted, I didn’t look to see what type of tickets were available.  Maybe they are all obstructed view or something, but I was a little surprised to see this.  Are the Cubs or baseball less popular?  Are the Cubs starting to price a number of their fans out?  Or are people just content to go to Stub Hub or other secondary markets to get their tickets?  Just wondering

Go Cubs!


One comment


    Maybe increased prices have made people hesitant about buying tix? Whatever it is, I’m sure the tickets will go and Wrigley Field will be packed.

    GO CUBS!

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