Let the Games Begin!!

Finally, after being snowed in all winter, Cubs fans finally get to hear Ron and Pat Dempster_close_up_1coming out of their radios.  It’s time for the first spring training game of the season.  Ryan Dempster is looking to prove he belongs in the rotation after spending the last few years as the closer.  At the Cubs Convention, Dempster looked noticably different, gaining a lot of muscle.  Lou says he would like Dempster to split the lefties, pitching third between Lilly and Hill.  The rest of tomorrow’s lineup looks like this;

1. Ryan Theriot SS

2. Ronnie Cedeno 3B

3. Koske Fukudome RF

Fukudome_fielding 4. Derek Lee 1B

5. Matt Muton LF

6. Geovany Soto C

7. Alex Cintron 2B

8. Felix Pie CF

As you can tell, both Soriano and Aramis will be given the day off.  Expect Dempster to throw two innings, followed by Sean Gallagher. Other pitchers available include Neal Cotts, Jose Ceda, Carmen Pignatiello, Jose Ascanio and Kevin Hart.  I’m wondering how Gallagher is feeling since Lou let it be known that the young guys probably won’t make the rotation.  There will be tons of buzz when Fukudome, after all the hype, finally has an at bat. Imagine if he hits a homer?!  It will also be interesting to see how the Cubs do against San Fran’s starter, Left-hander Noah Lowry.  We all remember the trouble last years team had with lefties.  Of course, you can’t tell much from a spring training game, but it sure would be nice to start off with a "W"

Go Cubs!


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